Corporate Travel

New Concepts Travel works with companies to manage and coordinate their business travel needs. We offer more expertise, better prices and more responsive services than any other agency, and we’ll customize a program that suits your goals and budget.

Bringing you the best deals and service

Thanks to our extensive network of travel wholesalers and specialists, we bring our clients the best deals on flights, hotels and rental cars—no matter when they book. We also offer access to exclusive perks and discounts at destinations all over the world, from complimentary room service to special welcome baskets. And we’ll customize every trip to each traveler’s specifications, including seat and meal preferences, hotel club accounts and airline frequent flyer mile programs.

Money-saving web booking tools

NCT clients can maximize travel savings with our efficient, easy-to-use online booking tools. First, we’ll create a customied website with your corporate logo and travel policy. Next, we’ll integrate it into your existing technologies and systems, and show your employees how to search across multiple databases and quickly locate the best prices. Our agents are available any time if questions or problems arise, and we’ll monitor every booking to make sure it doesn’t violate your policies or rules.

New Concepts Travel puts you in control

To help your company monitor and control travel expenses, we offer sophisticated reporting technologies that can be tailored to your exact requirements. We also offer comprehensive convention and event planning services, including all travel and hotel reservations, meeting room set-up/technology and catering services.

Our experienced travel professionals are available whenever you need them, and your executives will have access to the home and cell phone numbers of their dedicated agent.

Working in the commercial production business implies that everything is subject to change. Unfortunately, these changes often fail to occur within the normal work week and that's where having someone like Veronica is simply priceless. The fact that I can call her weekends, latenights, early mornings—whenever the need arises due to last minute changes—has made her an invaluable resource for our company. Aside from her cheerful, upbeat, and personal manner, she always gives 100% of her attention to my needs. Let me not forget to mention the great deals she gets for us are a big plus, too. I believe though that actions speak louder than words, though—therefore, having a 9 year working relationship with her states the obvious.

Kim Darwin