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Ep 04: #VeronicaTravelLive #MobileMonday weekly travel tips

Veronica Travel LIVE – Mobile Monday Weekly Travel Tips Series

Join Veronica Jimenez for #VeronicaTravelLive every Monday for #MobileMonday Weekly Travel Tips as Veronica talks about exploring this wonderful world we inhabit!

This week: Ep 04: Veronica discusses overpacking.

Bon Voyage,

Exploring this wonderful world we inhabit!
Founder + President, New Concepts in Travel

Vacation Anyone!

Planning a vacation?  To get the most of your time off from your day to day routine I encourage you to ask yourself some questions on what you want to do with this time

  1. Lounge on the beach in St Maarten
  2. Go shopping in Argentina
  3. Gorilla trekking in Rwanda
  4. Zip Lining in Costa Rica
  5. Yoga /Meditation Retreat
  6. Women’s (men) Getaway.
  7. Sightseeing in Southeast Asia

There are so many options to  choose from. People call and ask me about vacations every day. That’s when I put my detective hat on and begin my research. Do you want to lay on a beach but also take cooking classes. Go to a Yoga/Meditation Retreat and  also partake in  fine gourmet dining.

Want to be around allot of people and party? Go to a semi private island  to commune with nature?  See the culture of –let’s say – Bali –along with some spa and massage options. Meet the people of the country you are visiting by enjoying a meal in their home- to really indulge yourself in their lifestyle.

You get the point

You can mix it up to suit your individual needs. There are so many choices this wonderful world we inhabit can offer. All you need is a want and imagination

It can all happen.

Let’s consider the options!